Let's get back to basics - bartering has long been considered an option for organizations and it's a good idea to consider it now!

Bartering - With other Professionals and Organizations

However, usually barter agreements aren't necessarily within an organization, but with other business professionals outside of an organization.

For example, Swapsity B2B provides bartering between professionals and is based out of Toronto: http://business.swapsity.ca/about

Bartering - Within an Organization

At Career Skills Incubator, one of our volunteers created a bartering agreement with another volunteer. He agreed to help with more administrative tasks while the other volunteer would help with him with a specific project he needed expertise on outside of the organization. It was fun and easy!

Time Banks

Time Banks are another great way to exchange value. Instead of a direct barter between individuals, any hour you contribute to a time bank because an hour of "currency" you can "spend" on other services offered in the time bank. This is a great way to find resources that may assist your organization!

Here are a couple of examples:



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