Mike's "9 things I wish I knew when I started writing grants"

1) Joy

2) Organise Key Information well

3) Role of "Visionary Founder"

4) Terminology

5) Research

6) Telephone Calls

7) Collaboration

8) Little grants produce awesome results

9) Charity registration number

4 Terms to Get Started

MERC - Payroll taxes, CPP, EI, WSIB, holiday pay

In-kind - provision of goods/services to an organization by one of its members, valued in monetary terms

Evaluation - Did what you do work? Prove it!

Intent - a 2 to 5 page summary proposal sent to funders to determine if you'll make it to the next round

Tombstone Data

Info you'll probably need access to if you're writing a grant

Articles of Incorporation (if incorporated)

Nonprofit registration number



Annual Report

Financial Statements

Address, web, social media locations

Short summaries of your work

Board of directors and bios

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