Do you even need a website? Facebook works!

If you're just starting out, you may not need a website. Many small organizations just have a facebook page or tumblr to start, or a landing page linking to their social media. But eventually, if you grow quite large you may want the functionality of a full website.

CSCI's Website History

We started with a Wix website, that our founder set up in just an evening. It's free (but includes ads and a wix domain) but a relatively low fee if you pay for it. While the interface was a bit cumbersome at the time, it was definitely easier than learning how to code. Eventually, team members wanted something else, so an intern took on the project up setting up a Wordpress site. We ran into some issues as she modified the code in a template, so we weren't able to update plugins without wiping those changes, so our website development stagnated for a while, although the content was relatively easily changed.

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